GP4P – software modules

Application programme and software modules of GP4P


GPP Basic System

GPP Basic System is the basic SW that includes the communication with HW, database, subsystem SW backup and record subsystem.

GPP Cash

GPP Cash is used for the execution of some cash functions as well as tariff, information and více ..

GPP Report

The GPP Report module performs several different functions:
 - the creation of searches, statistics and reports
 - the creation of variable files of data saved in the database
 - the export to different types of files (PDF, XLS, etc.)

GPP Resident

The GPP Resident programme is a module designed for the administration of long-term parking cards and its main functions are:
 - user-friendly administration and programming of cards (for long-term and congress parking)
 - the processing of a higher number of cards
 - the filtering of cards according to parameters

GPP Config Client

GPP Config Client is a tool designed for the system configuration as well as for the administration of access rights for entering the system.

GPP Localization

GPP Localization allows the system sections to be transferred to different language localizations.

Card Checker

Card Checker is a simple tool designed for the validation of short-term parking cards, the validation of discounts (e.g. free parking), etc.

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