GP4B – automatic road barrier

GP5B automatic road barriers


The GP5B Automatic Road Barrier

The GP5B automatic road barrier is designed for the control of entries and exits of vehicles to/from car parks, company areas and other zones. The barrier operation is controlled by a frequency converter, the barrier arm can reach the length of 3 to 6 metres. The road barrier features an adjustable speed of the arm movement, smooth arm movement and very quiet operation. The automatic road barrier can be part of the GPP parking systems or it can operate independently as an autonomous parking element. Due to its resistant construction, the automatic road barrier can be used also for very intensive traffic. The barrier is suitable e.g. for company parking systems, public car parks, multi-storey car parks, high-capacity garages, hotel garages, access roads, roads, installations designed for toll collection at motorways, bridges and other types of roads, etc.

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