GPP PGS2 – parking guidance system

GPP PGS2 guiding to an empty parking space

The GPP PGS Parking Guidance System

The GPP PGS2 parking guidance system is one of the modules of parking systems. The parking guidance system is used for guiding drivers when seeking vacant parking spaces in high-capacity garages, shopping centre garages, etc. GPP PGS2 supports remote control from the PC control centre. The system can be modified variably, several configuration variants are available. For individual car park zones, the guidance system allows the use of different types of setting. Parking spaces can be booked and reserved for example for prepaid parkers or for the disabled.
The parking guidance system operates on the ultrasound principle. The sensors detect and assess the occupancy of individual parking spaces via the ultrasound signal. The occupancy status is signalized via indication LED lights. Information displays state the numerical specification of the occupancy status in individual car park zones and can be used also as a guidance element. The guidance module minimizes traffic in the car park that is caused by drivers seeking vacant parking spaces. For the customers, this system means both the saving of fuel and time and it also reduces emissions of exhaust gases.

Basic components

GPP PGS2 Cu – control unit
GPP PGS2 DiPLC – display
GPP PGS2 Li – signalling LED illumination
GPP PGS2 Sen – parking sensor
GPP PGS2 Switch – active unit
GPP PGS2 Server – server
GPP PGS2 Client – user PC equipped with SW

Documents for download

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