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Hotels and Garni Hotels

The modular parking system offers individual taylor-made solutions according to the needs and specialization of any hotel. The system provides the selection out of several tariffs - the customer can use e.g. season tariffs, bus tariffs, etc. If relevant, the parking system allows parking services to be used also by the public without limiting hotel guests in any way. The system is capable of monitoring the car park occupancy and, via the display placed at the entry, it can signalize the number of vacant parking spaces or to inform drivers about the car park situation via the vacant/occupied sign. The parking system can be interconnected with the hotel payment and booking system through a universal interface. Upon booking a room, the client can book also a parking space. The booking of a parking space provides unlimited access to the car park during the stay. The access medium (a plastic contactless card, a paper card) can be the same both for the hotel and the car park or there can be two separate cards. Hotels specializing in congress tourism (congress centres) may supplement the parking system by congress parking cards. This type of cards will allow congress visitors troublefree parking without any difficulties that may the arrangement of a parking space involve. These cards are sent to visitors in advance by post or e-mail.

Another option is a car park entry via the camera LPR system and the recognition of registration marks. A recognized licence plate of a vehicle is processed, compared with data in the related database and, subsequently, the visitor is allowed to enter the car park. The system can also be set to allow the passage through the terminal only on the basis of a recognized licence plate number. This feature can also be used for prepaid or congress parking or for visitors who have booked a parking space via a booking system. The camera system module is mainly suitable for the provision of users with higher comfort in the VIP parking zones or to increase the car park security level.

Media for the parking system control:
 - Hotel card - a unified card that is used for the simultanous use of both the parking and hotel services. After the client has checked out, they are allowed to exit the car park and, subsequently, this card is made invalid or the hotel card can be exchanged for a single use paper card designed just for exit.
 - Long-term parking - at the reception, the client obtains a hotel card in exchange for a paper parking card; upon the termination of the stay, the client obtains a single use paper card for their last exit in exchange for the hotel card
 - Short-term and congress parking - the paper parking card is separated from the hotel card

Le Méridien Hamburg, Germany

- GP4P Variant parking system
- 5× manual pay station, 1× entry, 1× exit

Delta Hotel Tulcea, Romania

- GP4P Variant parking system
- GPP LPR licence plate recognition
- 1× automatic pay station, 1× manual pay station, 1× entry, 1× exit, 2× camera, 1× information display

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