uPASS – long range readers

uPASS long range readers


The uPASS product range represents an economical solution for a comfortable entry to / exit from car parks. This platform is based on scanners that work on the principle of ultra-short waves with the frequency range  868 – 928 MHz. uPASS uses non-battery RFID media of different formats including practical identification tags designed to be stuck on a vehicle's front screen. Scanners comply with the EPC Gen II standard inclusive of the latest version, i.e. the second version.

uPASS Reach

The uPASS Reach long range reader The uPASS Reach contactless long-range reader represents an economical solution for a car park entry / exit. The reader uses the latest UHF technology and allows a vehicle to be identified within the distance of up to 5 metres. The UHF non-battery, passive technology guarantees high reliability of the solution at advantageous price.

The reader is designed for parking applications both in residential and commercial premises. uPASS Reach is used for the entry of vehicles to residential zones, residential districts, garages of residential houses or to company car parks. The reader allows the control of different types of access components inclusive of doors, gates or barriers. The passage with the use of a long-range reader is very comfortable as the identification of authorized vehicles is entirely automatic and does not require parking media to be placed to a relevant reader.

Key features and functions
 - An affordably priced and reliable solution for the unattended control of the entry to car park areas
 - Elegant structural design in compatible size
 - Reading of passive identification media within the UHF band
 - Compliance with the EPC Gen2 standard
 - Reading within the distance of up to 5 m
 - Easy configuration of the reader
 - Acoustic and visual (LED) signalling of the reading
 - An outer cover resistant to adverse weather conditions and the influence of liquids
 - Fast and easy to install due to a standardized communication interface

uPASS Target

The uPASS Target long range reader uPASS Target represents a reliable solution for the identification of people and vehicles at long range. This top quality reader uses the passive UHF RFID technology that allows identification within the distance of up to 10 metres. The connection, installation and configuration of the reader is very easy. A wide spectrum of communication interfaces enables trouble free integration of the reader into different systems in the area of parking, access, security and logistics.

Typical areas where uPASS Target can be successfully applied are high-speed transport, industrial enterprises, railway stations, bus terminals, automated transport, internal systems of transport and supply. The reader is an ideal solution e.g. for automatic and unattended entry to a reserved area, for monitoring of traffic flow in industrial zones or for detailed monitoring of operation at logistics sites.

Key features and functions
 - Industrial design of the reader
 - A circular polarized antenna independent on the identification tag position
 - Reading of the passive UHF tags complies with the EPC Gen2 standards
 - The reading range of up to 10 metres
 - The Plug & Play technology for trouble free integration and easy installation specified within several simple steps
 - An easily adjustable reading range

Supported identification media

The readers out of the uPASS product range use non-battery identification media based on the RFID technology. Identification media can be supplied in several formats in accordance with your needs or as a specific installation requires:
 - Tags are designed to be placed on the inner side of a vehicle's front screen, they are fast and easy to apply
 - Transparent tags are designed to be stuck on the outer case of vehicles, typically on one of the front headlights
 - Plastic cards equipped with the UHF RFID chip for the identification iof drivers
 - Cards equipped with dual technology allowing easy integration into the access control system designed to control access into buildings
 - Dual card holders for combined identification of both vehicles and drivers

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