Car parks and garages of business centres, shops and marketplaces

Parking at shopping centres and shops

GPP Variant - parking system for shopping centres

Černý Most multi-storey garages The GPP Variant parking system enables the customers to enter parking zones of shopping centres and to exit from these zones. This system is a modular system that allows the car park to be connected to the city guidance systems. For the collection of parking fees, many tariffs and discounts are available for selection. The parking system can be configured in such a way as to allow free parking at a certain time. Therefore, the visitor can use free parking during a determined time period, however, the driver has to leave the car park within the required time limit. Further, a charge may be imposed on parking only during a certain time of the day, e.g. at night. The mode více ..

GPE4P - parking system Economy for supermarkets, discount markets, shops

Parking at Billa The parking system Economy is suitable for smaller parking areas at shops and supermarkets. It facilitates enables customers to enter a particular shop and prevents drivers who are not going to shop from using the car park. GPE4P is an unattended parking system that offers a wide selection of tariffs.

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